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Ceramic decorating is an affordable, very attractive alternative to other adhesive-type labels and is a process that gives your glass product a professional, high-end appearance. Ceramic ink is applied directly to the surface of the glass, then fired through a lehr (a.k.a. oven, furnace), permanently fusing to the surface of the glass. With this process, your imprint will not scratch or rub off.

The ceramic silk screen decorating we’ve offered since the 1980’s is done in-house and quality is constantly monitored by our own experienced personnel. Whether we’re imprinting your wine glasses, champagne flutes, coffee cups, olive oil bottles, woozies, etc., we’ll be sure to make it a lasting, permanent impression!

Don’t have artwork readily available for the imprinting process? Tell us what you need and, depending on the complexity of the art, we may be able to create it for you right here in our office.

Single-color and multi-color ceramic decorating is available as a value added service offered for glassware and glass containers supplied by us.

Contact Ashland Container Corp. at 708-758-8800 to have a packaging consultant help determine the right decoration for your glass products.

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