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There are an endless number of bottle and jar options available with many choices of material, style, color, and size. Our packaging consultants will help guide you in your container search and decision-making process.

Materials include: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, PVC, PET, *PLA, P/S, P/P, etc.

*GOING GREEN? If you are concerned about how your packaging affects energy use and the environment, PLA (Polylactide) resin is available. PLA uses 68% less fossil fuel resources than traditional plastics!

Bottle Styles include: Cylinder, bullet, boston round, modern round, oval, square, carafe, handled-ware, sprayer-ware, F-styles, ½ gallons, gallons (round or square), etc.

Jar Styles include: Single-wall, Double-wall, Thick-wall, Straight-base, Round-base, Footed-base, etc.

Colors: Clear, White, or Natural are most commonly used, or any color (matched via Pantone Matching System) should you have a specific color that identifies your product/company.

From less-than-an-ounce to more-than-a-gallon.

Contact Ashland Container Corp. at 847-670-1125 to have one of our packaging consultants find the perfect container for your project!

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