Glassware Products

Glassware.jpgAshland Container Corp. carries a wide variety of glassware, stemware, barware, coffee cups, etc. We also stock numerous styles and colors of glass wine bottles, of which many are used as Olive Oil bottles. Glassware is available in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

We can imprint (decorate) your glassware as well using ceramic ink. This ink is applied directly to the surface of the glass and fired through a lehr (a.k.a. oven, furnace), fusing permanently onto the glass. With this process, your imprint will not scratch or rub off and provides a professional, high-end appearance.

Talk to our glassware consultants at 708-758-8800 to get exactly what you need and imprinted in-house where the quality is constantly monitored by our own staff.