About Us

Ashland-Container.jpgAshland Container Corporation has been in business since 1974, originally as a silk screen decorator, expanding into container/closure distribution in 1989. Ashland’s mission is to deliver the packaging solutions you need in a timely manner, at the right price, with outstanding customer service. We are fortunate to have a strong team of skilled and dedicated packaging consultants.

Over our many years in this combined business, we’ve learned to choose only those manufacturers who are reliable, trustworthy, and able to meet specified deadlines. They are consistent in their ability to produce quality ware which not only meets or exceeds our expectations, but yours as well. Envisioning a custom package / proprietary mold? Let’s talk!

Silk screen decorating (on plastic and glass) is done in-house where it is closely monitored by our own experienced personnel. We employ local, long-term machine operators proficient in running not only multiple colors, but virtually any size or shape, from less-than-an-ounce to more-than-a-gallon, cylindrical to square. Quantities range from as little as one case to millions of pieces.

It is our job to help you put the perfect package together for your product/s!